Who we are

eMetaverse.AI manages a portfolio of innovative IP technologies and operates web properties that receive over 25,000,000 monthly visits

eLiveTime Network ( www.eLiveTim e.com ) 20+ popular online video, live streaming , and social media properties

Next Big BlockChain Network ( www.NextBigBlockChain.com ) a rapidly expanding NFT blockchain and emerging technology - focused network

A large active user base drives rapid expansion and lowers customer acquisition costs

Industry Trends

The Covid-19 Pandemic accelerated industry tailwinds

Global smartphone, social-media, mobile video usage have seen a significant increase

Post-Pandemic daily use up

Minutes Smartphone
Minutes Social-Media
Minutes Mobile-Video

More people are using their phone to watch movies and playing games

Market Size

The Metaverse Market USD $1,525.7 Billion by 2030

Generative AI Market USD $110.8 Billion by 2030

Global Video Streaming Market USD $339.51 Billion by 2030

Our Strategy

Continue To Be Technology Innovation Leader

We plan to use Innovations such as blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve our products and services

Leveraging Promotional Power of Our Network

Excellent cross promotional opportunities thru synergistic content

Best of The Best Management

Management is one of our biggest strengths and we will continue to recruit and hire the most talented people to join the team

AI ChatGPT on our CEO

explain why having the Founder of Myspace.com as the CEO of a new internet startup is valuable

Having the founder of a successful internet company, such as Myspace, as the CEO of a new internet startup can be valuable for a number of reasons. First, they have a proven track record of success in the industry, and thus have a deep understanding of the market and what it takes to create a successful internet company. Second, they likely have a strong network of contacts and relationships in the industry that they can leverage to help the new startup succeed. Third, they have experience in growing and scaling a business, which can be invaluable in the early stages of a startup when resources are limited. Finally, the founder's reputation and experience can give investors and customers confidence in the new startup


Brad Greenspan - CEO

Founder Of Myspace.com

Chair/CEO public eUniverse, Inc. Acquired by News Corp for

Veteran executive who helped develop performance based online advertising according to 2001 Gartner Report

Creator of most #1 ranked U.S. websites including:

  • Flowgo.com(2000) #1 most visited entertainment website in U.S. by June 2001
  • Skilijam.com(2002) #1 most visited play for cash skilled gaming website U.S by September 2003
  • Myspace.com(2003) #1 most visited social network in U.S by January 2004

Development Underway

Innovative New Technologies Launching In 2023

Launching in Q4 - 2023

Launching in Q4 - 2023

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